Problems to Conversion John Deere 8850

Problems to Conversion John Deere 8850 Problems

I would like to know if it is possible to install a JD 6125 or 6135 (12.5 or 13.5l) engine in a John Deere 8850? Has anyone done this kind of conversion? Would a JD drivetrain or gear shift dual disc fit this unit?

Conversion John Deere 8850

When I first started surfing the internet, there were a couple of people with email addresses ending in talking about an adaptation to put 12.5 on an 8850. I recently searched and couldn’t find any evidence of such a kit on nowhere from jdparts. The JD guys disappeared from the public (along with just about everyone else with an address at any manufacturer) shortly after. I would think the 12.5 could be installed in place of the 855 Cummins in a Kinze repowered 8850, but then the question would be “why”. Also, Kinze has closed the repower shop a year ago. Powershift is definitely a no-go. The 8850 uses a more normal oversized Deere gearbox of the time. It is a very integral part of the tractor.

Kinze has installed all types of engines in John Deere-cat tractors. detroit, along with cummins. I’m sure if you want to put a new deere engine in an 8850 that will getter done. the kit is $ 15000.00 less the kinze motor if you want to do it yourself.

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