Problem to Towing a John Deere 8850

Problem to Towing a John Deere 8850 Problems

Take the big reed home, not sure, say 25 miles. The engine is bad, so it is not doing anything by itself.

Option 1 and perhaps the only option – hire a platform.

Option 2 – Can we tow the thing?

If we put a tractor on the rear hitch as a brake and as a weight to keep the tractor in a straight line, the artickies seem to stick around like little dogs. Does anyone know anything about gear lubrication? Possible overheating, blown seals, other nasty surprises that make trucking seem like a very, very cheap option?

Towing a John Deere 8850 by Truck

I pulled an 8960 4 miles once, and this was on the gravel road through the farm, so there was no traffic to deal with. It wasn’t the funnest thing I’ve ever done, especially where we had to do a couple of slight corners. 25 miles, I would go with bringing someone with a landslide, and dragging him on that. I’ve had to do that before too, when the Quadtrac lost the tranny. It can be interesting to get them the drug up in there, depending just how well you can get aligned to it.

Brazilton KS You can tow it, but be ABSOLUTELY CERTIFIED that the transmission is in TOW so that the lower shaft is disengaging and the upper shaft is not rotating, or else it will be destroyed as disassemble with a cutting torch destroy. you could supply the steering oil to the tow tractor and it would drive like normal … or you could disconnect the steering lines and pull it like a trailer …. or you could eliminate all chances of things going Wrong and just winch on a Landoll and take off down the road. Of all the options, I would highly recommend the last one.

Tried pulling an 8440 10 miles one time. the quad pack was out we got it going down a hill behind a 4650 and the tractor started pushing the 4650 sideways and then broke the hitch which it welded on a 4 “x 4” steel tube and it went through the ditch and ended up hiring a detachment either way, they still have nightmares.

Contact a local HD towing company that you have a relationship with. Get them to drop the rear axle, lock the pivot and scoop up the front end and go.

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