John Deere 8850 Repower Kit Problem

John Deere 8850 Repower Kit Problem Problems

I found another company that offers a kit to repower an 8850, CEEQUIP, they have used a replacement subframe to mount a similar Kinze truck engine. One question, are the 8850s with an original V8 955 going to become a collector’s item, or is their reputation just too bad?

John Deere 8850 Repower

The engine was withdrawn from production because of its high cost, not because of problems (but it may not have been perfect). Five years ago there were no service crankshafts, I imagine the list of parts that are no longer available is longer now.

My cousins ​​have 2 of them. One has almost 10,000 hours without touching the engine and the other has just exceeded 5,000 with no problems. I have another neighbor with 2 of them and he has no problems. The problem was not reliability if they were not abused. It was the $$$ to fix them. And I don’t understand why someone would repower an 8850 with a Cummins. The last thing I hear is that the conversion costs around $ 20,000 and if the rest of the tractor like the tranny wears out you’re going to spend that amount and more for an overhaul. You’d be better off in the long run buying an 8960 or 8970 if you want a cummins driven JD. most of

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