John Deere 8850 300HP V-8 Diesel

John Deere 300HP V-8 Diesel Problems

It looks like a pretty sturdy V-8 diesel John Deere 8850 tractor to me?

John Deere 300HP V-8 Diesel

The engine has a power of 370 hp. But as bigshow has stated the engine got a bad rap, and many failed. Although like this tractor I have seen many with higher hours. Someone told me once that the engine doesn’t like to be dragged, and that was a major factor in his problem, but the engine had a very short production run, the John Deere 8850 and the 744 loader are the only things I know it will do. installed. A company called Kinze made a retrofit kit for this tractor to install a Cummins engine, and I would speculate that 1/4 of these tractors that I see coming for sale have the cummins on them.

The 8850 was a GROSS compared to the smaller 4X4s, 8450 and 8650. JD also used the engine in the 870 excavator built in Davenport, IA. My friend used to be the inspector at the end of that assembly line. One day he blew up two of those V-8s. It was in winter. They would run the excavators outside and dig with them for an hour to make sure all the settings were right and when exposed to freezing temperatures the oil did in effect gel … it spun the bearings. After the first engine died, phone calls were made …. after # 2, cars full of JD and SHELL engineers started showing up. The next day a different brand of oil was being used in all the engines.
The engines look identical to the Cummins 903s, except for the deer popping on the valve caps instead of the “903” numbers.

In my opinion, JD has never had a decent big tractor, the new ones may be better, but when it comes to big tractors and getting a lot of work done, most farmers stick with tractors like Steiger, Versitle, Big buds. I’m not saying they don’t have their place, for smaller and lighter applications they were pretty good, we used to use 8430 and 8630 on Hesston 4800 Big balers, because they have PTOs, which was rare on a big 4×4 tractor, and they had a decent amount of power for the packer.

The JDs seemed to have weak components, like the V8 on the 8850, axle housing and axles on the 84-86 series, and weak engines (604 on the 30 series). Compared to the others, the 200-300hp JDs were underpowered. And not to mention that they were expensive to repair. If your JD broke down, it could take a week or two for you to get it back up and running, while the other tractors shared a lot of components with the road trucks, so you could go to the junkyard, so to speak, and get a part. to get back to work.

Also, I like the JD tractors, the smaller tractors 230hp and under are big tractors, and still way better than any of the red ones out there …. Who owns CASE IH now anyway ?? ? …. seems to change so much, one can’t really keep track. LOL Aren’t the red tractors now really blue? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif I’m just having a little fun with all the red tractor lovers, IH has made some very good tractors, and also some scrap, as well than Deere.

I don’t have much experience with the 8850, I raced one for 2 days and it was a fun tractor. I have a ’78 8630 (larger axles) with the 40 series upgrades and I love the tractor. I have all the records and I am the second owner, I just came in at 11 am and had its first rebuild in 9800 hours. The tractor is more than I need, I am a custom hay farmer and I have decided that all I want to do is small bales, so I am going to keep the 4430, find a 4250, and a 7410 2wd. Can’t believe how good 8630 starts, 20 degres out, didn’t run in a month, and BOOM without anyone. so sorry to rant off topic if anyone wants an 8630 with a front blade and 2 sets of tires and rims shoot me a pm, got to go CHEEP.

Returning to the topic I would love a truck with a JD V8:} Darks even an I6, I’ve never heard such a sweet sound a straight tube of the series 30 or 40

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