JD 8850 cause the motors were not

JD 8850 cause the motors were not Problems

I wonder what was the best and what was

Better: 1) JD 7520 because that’s what dad drove (already
no differential lock get stuck very easy) very noisy cabin
but I know of one with a blade on it that will be
Mine one day … just waiting for the farm sale! 2)
JD 8650 all around solid machine 3) Steiger Leon
because they looked good in the photos, but unfortunately
never drove one. I drove a JD 8970 when
when they came out as a demonstrator for a few days, but
the 8650 was never replaced. I have not
Heard great things about the 70 series. Yeah I
I know very little about anything other than green
so help me. My brother-in-law thinks I need one
Versatile 876?

The worst: 1) John Deere 8850 because the engines were not
always the best, yet some still do 8000 hours
2) IH 3588 never stayed on many farms even new
3) 8630 JD would even give you a new engine if
if you pay for the installation.

Once again I grew up working on a JD dealer farm so
I only know green. Nominate your 3 best and worst.

JD 8850 the motors

JD 8850 with 17000 hours. It was bought new in the
family in 1977. The injection pump has been made
the quad range shifts and the clutch done. You
could probably feed all the cows in western Canada
herd of western Canadian cows for a winter with the bales that the tractor
did. He wore out a bunch of balers behind him. Piss
The smallest JD ever made, the 3130. I spent more on
that piece of shit in 2 years than in the life of
the 8850.
Another good tractor was the IHC 986. I had one for
many years with a loader. The weak point was the clutch.
It would probably be working today if it hadn’t burned
in a workshop fire a few years ago

We had a John Deere 8850. It was pretty reliable, a little hard to start. Performance was what it lacked. I had no tourqe. The nominal RMP was 2100, it would creep up to 2000 RMP, anything below 2000 and you were at 0. After that we had a JD 8570. The clutch broke at 1948 hours. It cost us $ 6,000 to fix and $ 2,000 to rent a tractor to plant. It was out of warranty, but we asked John Deere to help us cover the cost of the repair a bit, as it only had 1948 hours. They said we should be happy with 2000 hassle-free hours and they didn’t pay 5 cents of the cost of the repairs. Then we bought a 9660STS combine and the engine broke at 347 hours. I realized that Deere was right when he said that he should be happy with 2000 hours without problems. We used to bleed John Deere green but after all this we have switched to CaseIH. We now have a 435 quad trac. Pull like a locomotive and it appears to be a reliable tractor.

The first 4×4 we used was the 1978 8850, which had no
tourqe rise and hard on fuel. Fw60 ford / Steiger
with 903 cummin good solid tractor. 9682
newholland had a very poor shift transmission.
9400 John Deere downhill tractor but not great
power or tourqe rise. Currently run caseih Steiger
535 on 850 trellborg tires and very impressed with
especially the performance of the tractor. Added 600
quadtrack for 2013 so it will be a very interesting
comparison of wheels to tracks. The floating of the
trellis is very good, but gliding can be improved
upon. The suspended cab of the new Steiger improves
improves driving. The new DEF engines seem
seem to have better fuel efficiency.
The three icons that we have used and that we still have on the farm
IMO they are a 67 4020 power shift, 82 4440 and
7830 mfwd power quad. They are all very solid tractors.

The best 4WD would be the CaseIH 9300 series
especially the 9390 which had the double
hydraulic bombs. I personally have a 9370.
Another of my favorites is the 895
versatile. Had the 855 intercooler
and planetariums heavier than the 875. I
I don’t think there is a 4×4 tractor
that he does not want.Some are better
better than others but can’t be beat
to a 4×4 in the freshness department.I find
the 300 hp front wheel assist tractors
silly.It’s not for me.

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